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The question is, what is the best card? I Understand that the cumulative better encourages people to buy only from you. But what about support card MY BIEDRONKA? To move to the next discount that you want all previous zam - the orders were paid.

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As usual biedronkowe "Babes" don't really like and for me they are too poor to packages, but in those versions of the brownie just fell in LOVE. In the form of a pack of biscuits in addition, some stores (I like) they are also individually Packed cake, probably for 1.99 UAH. It dokańczam packing these in version Black&White, absolutely delicious, soft and stunned chocolate, big chunks of white chocolate is also a nice addition. Ciastkożercy - 'll be pleased to know, for God's sake, try these brownies!

Cookies Little Brownie/ Black&White
Cookie Little Brownie/ Black&White

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Welcome ! As it is you, in stores, you accept the equipment elektoroniczny and all sorts of devices, kt&mónica;re require connection to the mains within 14 days refund ? Because we only accept complaints of such things-if something is broken . Because at least that I am not able to determine whether equipment not in use or is in good condition ... what do You guys think ?


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Perhaps, specify the purpose of the manual, as I recall. Let them do what I want, where I'm now,but from practice and from observation I know that for those 1000zł people przekłamują reality. On a new car to travel to Zakopca and on unemployment write. Prywaciarze on og&mónica;l hire the lowest, and under the table pay the money owed, as men at the best , and work", plus wages kasjerska on paper, it seems a little... of course I know that there are honest people ,I want to believe it, but not in my environment. It is just that,dishonesty and pazerność assistance does not fall where it is really needed, but this is my personal retreat, in General, I was referring to determine more or less which may be pr—g, and, by the way, I'm forgetting their grievances,because as zks bomb I have money, benefits for the cashier" and it's probably 3/4 full,well, or having her husband on the so-called most I wish You with all my heart,żębyście don't have to write about paying myself too :)

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