Moja Biedronka, what card, how to get and is it worth it?

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Moja Biedronka is a program that each participant can accumulate points, participate in promotions and pay bonuses for their purchases.

Card client Moja Biedronka
Card client Moja Biedronka

What card?

Discount card – means, with an individual number and barcode EAN-card transmitted by different parties for use, along with two Brelokami, in particular, for the opportunity to participate in a separate Stock

you will Receive a card "Moja Biedronka every day" and trinkets for your family members. You must present the card or key FOB money and earn points with every purchase. Collect points on the card with the whole family and get more bonuses.

discount cards and key chains
Discounts cards and key rings

What the card gives?

The use of the card provides a number of advantages:

  • participate in promotions and contests;
  • get discounts and special deals on various products;
  • you can accumulate points;
  • you can pay the points cost of all goods in stores Biedronka.

Who is the leader in the family?


Working Conditions

The discount card ( is the property of the Issuer and may only be used under the Conditions or rules of the specific Promotions.

Running can be only an adult natural person having full capacity.

The use of Loyalty Cards is its still Online Activation or Activation by Phone

Gift certificates Biedronki
Gift certificates Biedronki

Gift certificate:

  • plastic card is a bearer of confirmation of the bearer mark issued in electronic form, which provides payment for the purchase of goods or services provided in the stores of the network "Biedronki" on the terms specified in the Rules;
  • is not an electronic means of payment, electronic money instrument, and is not a credit card;
  • is valid for 12 months from the date of each boost, provided that the expiration of the gift certificate of Purchase as a Gift falls on the last day of the calendar month;
  • cards-bearer only;
  • activation takes place at the time of the first replenishment by the Buyer;
  • the Card can be issued, replenished and activated only in the Store.


At the beginning of the answer to the question whether there is such a card apply. The answer is simple: YES. Like any loyalty program, and this deserves the attention of all the people who like to be rewarded for what they buy in any store.

Bonus Card Recipient may be in a moment, appointed to 10 ( in words: ten) Loyalty Card other Using. The recipient may not be simultaneously Transmitting to another Using the.
Shop Biedronka
Shop Biedronka

How to?

A person who meets the conditions, kt", where it may receive from the cashier a Loyalty Card with two Brelokami, by the way, while Shopping in the Store, regardless of its value. Key chains are assigned to the Loyalty Card, kt&mónica;reg they were released. The scanning of the Keychain when you Buy in the Store r&mónica;wnoznaczne with scanning a Loyalty Card, kt&mónica;reg this Keychain was released. The FOB is a separate Loyalty Card.

In order to be able to collect points and pay for their card to be activated. This can be done in 2 ways:

  1. In the office, on the official club website;
  2. number (0-22) 20-53-400;
  3. On site

the Rules of participation in the loyalty program "My Cow" is very noticeable. If you use the card wisely, points you can accumulate discounts on future purchases. In any case, give you the cashier at the checkout card for registration, even not a large number-the point".

Record – means the individual account of the Internet, Using based as a result of Activation or Online Activation on the Phone.


How do I unblock the card?

Ways to unlock a discount card of this store several from a call to a "hotline" (so you can report the name and other data, the code word to the operator),e-mail address to travel to nearest store.

How to recover the password of my card

Very often, customers are faced with the need to recover or change the password of Bank card, there are several options.

Blocked card

Need to call 800 080 010 (fixed phone - toll-free, write on forum)